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Pilot Car Service

Pelican Trucking Pilot Car Service can provide you with Certified, Licensed and Insured Escort Drivers to assist you with the movement of your Oversize Load. Our pilot car service helps to ensure that your oversized load reaches its destination not only on time, but also safely and intact.

We offer our Pilot Car Service both in conjunction with our oversized load transport, or as a stand-alone for hire service.Either way, the service you get at Pelican Trucking is second to none.

Why Choose Pelican Trucking?

Pelican Trucking Pilot Car Sercvice offers you:

  • Quality, Dependable Service
  • Certified, Licensed Escort Drivers
  • Fully insured service
  • With our oversized transport or stand-alone for hire service
  • Competative transport rates

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There is no subsitute for experience when it comes to escorting a oversize load. At Pelican Trucking, we understand that your shipment is a significant investment for you. Whether it's transporting an oversize load within the state, or across the United States, we have the experience, skill, and equipment to do the job right.

Customer Service

At Pelican Trucking, we take pride in giving you the best possible customer service. We are family owned and operated business, so we treat you like our family. From start to finish, the staff at Pelican Trucking will help make your transport project as easy and stress-free as possible..

Fully Insured

At Pelican Trucking, boat hauling jobs are fully insured with values modified to your needs. This insurance coverage assures you that your boat will be protected at all phases of transport. Our long list of satisfied boat transport clients and our safety record speaks volumes about the professional way and care we take in transporting your boat.

Safe, Dependable Yacht Transort

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