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Yacht Transport

Yacht Transport

At Pelican Trucking, our goal is to provide you with a simple, safe, and stress free yacht transport experience. Whether you are a yacht owner, dealer, or manufacturer, we can transport your yacht safely and effectively. When you need your yacht transported, whether across the state, or accross the country, Pelican Trucking has you covered.

Yacht Transport Experience

Our yacht hauling experts are experienced in working with DOT, permitting agencies, marinas, and ports. Pelican Trucking understands all facets of yacht moving and is up to the challenge of moving your yacht. With our extensive history of working with yachter, port personnel, and marinas, our clients find themselves having fewer delays and a stress free yacht transport experience.

Hydraulic Trailers

Pelican Trucking has the equipment to do the job right. Don't settle for less. We have hydraulic trailers that can accommodate up to a 38 foot yacht or a 42 foot sailboat. What does this mean to you, the yacht owner? This allows us to pickup and drop-off your power yacht virtually anywhere - without the need for an expensive and time-consuming crane lift. Need your yacht in your backyard? We can do it.

We also provide standard trailers that can accommodate up to a 45 power yacht or up to a 50 foot sailboat.

Boat Transport Via Water

Not only can Pelican Trucking transport your boat overland, but we can also transport/tow your boat via water. In conjunction with our Teaming Partner, licensed Captain to 100 Tons (Masters), we can transport your boat virtually anywhere - safely.

Yacht Preparation

Need help in prepping your yacht for transport? Check out our Boat Preparation Guide and our Boat Measurement Guide. If you need assistance in prepping your yacht for transport, de-commisioning your yacht for transport, or re-commissioning your yacht following transport, we can help put you in contact with a full service yacht yard, marina, or captain to assist you with your needs. Prepping the yacht for transport is the responsiblity of the yacht owner and all yacht preparation should be completed prior to transport.

Why Choose Us

Pelican Trucking offers:
  • Quality, Dependable Service
  • Expidited Transport Service
  • Fully insured - liability and cargo
  • Competative transport rates

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There is no subsitute for experience when it comes to transporting your cargo. At Pelican Trucking, we understand that your shipment is a significant investment for you. Whether it's transporting an oversize load within the state, or across the United States, we have the experience, skill, and equipment to do the job right.
Customer Service

Customer Service

At Pelican Trucking, we take pride in giving you the best possible customer service. We are family owned and operated business, so we treat you like our family. From start to finish, the staff at Pelican Trucking will help make your transport project as easy and stress-free as possible.
Fully Insured

Fully Insured

At Pelican Trucking, boat hauling jobs are fully insured with values modified to your needs. This insurance coverage assures you that your boat will be protected at all phases of transport. Our long list of satisfied boat transport clients and our safety record speaks volumes about the professional way and care we take in transporting your boat.

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